Gathering of the Tribes of the Earth, John Ashbaugh

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Inside the Book

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Poem Excerpts

page 66
Towards up and over horizon at Twice-a-Day-Dawn,
Live with the stars, the lightning, the Moon.
Live with meteor flashing through the Great Bear.
Live with the snail on the ground.
The path to the other side of the black universe
is through Rose and Violet holding together:
Body of water breathing fire
and forming a new body.

page 69
Light is separated from darkness.
Blue is separated from Black.
Light of disc fire rises through Wind, VAYU.
Night is falling into light.
Gray dome of mist between water and Blue
Filters the disc fire.
Light passes through the veil
Between the flame of Sun and the Rose of Earth.
Tomorrow has come
But there is no yesterday
For it is still today.
From light to light through Black,
Day has not ended.
She passed through a shadow.
Now face towards the Sun,
through the path of the Heart.
RoseViolet Circle around Earth
Is the Circle of Horizon which
Our planet spins with-in.

page 76
Breathe deeply. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the New air.
The atmosphere on planet Blue
Has recently undergone various changes.
It is expected that the change in atmosphere
Will affect the Life forms of our planet
in various ways.
No one knows what will happen.
We who Live
Now entertain one thought.
Listen with one another,
and send Truth through the Dome of Skull,
through Blue.
Each may see a new light emerging through Blue,
The beginning of Violet.
Raindrops fall from the sky from the past
Into Earth now
to dissolve into Her
And grow out of Her,
Her next phase.

page 88
The Aztec calendar
measures the Movement of our planets,
marking the times of conjunction and opposition.
Within the veil of visible nature,
The world of animal, plant, skull, and the rain,
Is the interior source of life, our heart.
At the summit of the pyramid Aztec
Is division of the Light
Of our heart
into fire and water.
On the plane of the Earth between water and sky,
This body is made of water and air, fire and dirt.

page 98
The eyes of the Earth embedded in the dirt
are staring up into the sky,
and to all who stand
and reflect into life within soil.
Such as it is before descent into the underworld.
Cross the black river of Night.
Paint a picture on the wall.
The inscriptions on paper,
and paintings on walls,
are windows to our Heart.

page 100
Wisdom from the Culture of the Rock and the Star
is gathered through Speech
before the written record.
Unrecorded voyages circumnavigate the sphere.
The line of connection from the pyramid of Giza,
through the Circle of Stonehenge,
the Calendar of the architects Aztec and Maya,
and the silent Rock faces of Rapa Nui,
marks the Way to the Gathering of the Tribes of the Earth
on the twin continents:

page 119 - 120
One Cloud belt of vegetation caresses the Desert
circling the globe around the Latitudes of Equator.
Another cloud belt of vegetation caresses the Desert
around the temperate Latitudes of the North.
That is all there is: two circ-lets of Life
on the Continental Desert of the watery planet.    
The only two places in the Desert
where the flower grows
are these two Ankh-lets.

The Defoilation of the two Ankh-lets
begins with Fire-in-the-Rain.

page 128
There is a geometric story
written round our sphere.
Our Words in Speech carry through Time
beyond the written word,
as the message is passed on.
Isotopes and additives rain into the story
told through the necklace ecliptic,
from the time of the first point of Aqua.

page 140
Emerging from the ground
of North Turtle and South Turtle,
connected through the Isthmus of Maya
and the Caribbean archipelago,
Our Voice alternates
between speech from yesterday
and speech into tomorrow.
The bridge is RoseViolet at Twice-a-Day-Dawn.
The point of departure and destination
is the necklace ecliptic
from Tree-by-the-Lake.

page 147
From one side of Our Globe to another,
Listen at Dawn, Twice a Day.
Listen in Blue and in Black
and through Dawn.
The path of Peace on Earth
is Now Follow Our Love.


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